Good Debt Vs Bad Debt; Good Pain vs Bad Pain

A couple of weeks back, I edited an article that explained Good Debt vs Bad Debt.

The main point I took from it was that bed debt offers no return, while good debt increases in value over time. Sure, you have an epic new wardrobe sponsored by MasterCard, but you're not going to be getting anything back from that. Shares, bonds and houses were examples of "good debt."

Since I'm an artist, I naturally find a way to relate everything I read to life itself.

I often find myself pondering if *said task I'm scared to do* is scary because I know I will grow, or scary because I know I shouldn't do it.

The good debt/bad debt philosophy works a treat, I realised.

Will it bring you a return on your investment?

If you say the thing you're worried about saying, will your relationship with that person improve?

If you dive into that freezing cold water, will you build your resilience and courage?

If you break up with this person, will you be better off or worse?


Looking objectively, and from a future vantage point, ask if you will receive any benefit from either course of action, and always choose the one that expands you.

All my love <3