This is melting 

myriads of mysteries 

making themselves known 

one brick at a time 


It’s all I speak about these days 

disassembling houses I've accidentally built 

while sculpting mountains 

just to build cottages on the peaks 


I heard it from science herself 

pendulum swing 

the same laws apply to five  

metal balls on strings 


This is quantitative  

qualitative 30,000 years of recorded wisdom 

landing into lakes of affinity together  

one pebble at a time  

Patience my love 


This is the softening 

the yielding 

watching the watcher 

being so far removed from the ground 


matter turns into chess pieces on a board 

dripping rainbow fractals 

with a protractor in one hand 

a wand in the other 


This is the magic my love 


Submerged in rose rivers 

red with warmth and cushioning 

knowing wounds you leak from 

glow the same colour as fire that comforts 


Knowing winds that  

blistered your ego 

will exhale into wings  

when you emerge from the chrysalis 


Remembering how to exist in symmetry 

remembering how to have fun is 

turning out to be fun.


There’s a world that exists

beyond your casing

beyond the lies


tripe diatribes

tendrils expeditioning

through your mind


none of it yours


panicked logic prominent

behind your eyes

in your ears


on the never-ending tip of your tongue

neural pathways formed into spikes

turned against you


it’s an infection

the medicine is you

no awareness = no outlet


your silent rage

magma under your skin

forever heat keeping you at boiling point


ready to be moulded shaped

by cooling and numbing agents

you’re told to submerge in


false safety in your sense of control

your shattered idea of masculinity held together

with the force of clenched fists


afraid it will crumble so

any sign of interference summons

an instant display of dominance


there’s a world that exists outside

your pulsing veins

outside the torture of your rigid joints


humanity is hungry for fragile power

the mirror is whispering for you

not for violence or victory


not for the gold around your neck